Look at the Courts

April 11, 2020 Mat Stevens
Hi Everyone, 

You don’t need me to tell you that we are still living under social distancing restrictions and therefore no clue regarding the club re-opening. There are some early signs that the increase in infection is lower and looking at Italy and Spain, there are some early indications there.

Anyway just wanted to share a couple of things with you.We have been able to complete the court cleaning contract. CourtCare have cleaned all walls, replaced some boards (court 4) and sanded the floors. So the courts look great and ready for when we re-open – images are below

To entertain the membership in these difficult times, we are thinking of ways to communicate in new and different ways. Mat arranged a Quiz last weekend and around a dozen attended via Zoom. It was good fun and I think everyone had a laugh.

Mat is considering a few options to allow a greater number to participate. Registration details will be on the club website and details will be provided soon.

Another email with details will follow. If you have any ideas to keep in touch, please reply to this email and we will consider.

Best Regards

Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee