Court Booking Update 21.01.23

A message to members and non members that we will be soon be fully transitioning from our current court booking system of SportsBooker to MyCourts.

The process for members and non members to book courts and to book onto our club nights will change from the 29th January.

The club night process is described here:

Members can now log into MyCourts and book courts for the period onwards from 29th January. However you must top up your account prior to booking a court as the system will not allow you to do so otherwise.

If you are having any issues then please email us at so we can get any issues resolved as quickly as possible.

Once SportsBooker closes on the 29th January we will then move all of your credits across to your MyCourts account.

To access the MyCourts booking website you can use the link here:


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