Club Operating Status Covid-19

Current Club Operating Status Summary – Updated 14/9/20

The following squash/racketball facilities are open and available with restrictions

Opening Hours9am to 10pm, All courts must be booked. Opponent changes should be cancelled/rebooked
Solo PractisePlease book with SOLO as your opponent in Sports Booker (Members Only)
Normal Singles GameFor those in same household or Support Bubble only – please book with the correct opponent in Sports Booker (Members Only) – Enter HOUSEHOLD when booking
Adapted Socially Distanced GamesFollowing England Squash Ways to Play only – please book with the correct opponent in Sports Booker (Members Only) Enter DISTANCED when booking
Registered Bubble GamesBubbles of up to 6 players registered by a Bubble Leader at, requiring agreement to follow England Squash Bubble Guidance at
Coaching121 Coaching and Junior Groups (operating in smaller groups) contact Chris Hall – 07961 106291
Club FacilitiesToilets for those playing only – one at a time. Use the Tennis Toilets if using the Bar
Changing Rooms – Closed arrive in your kit and leave after your session
Sauna, Gym, Water Fountain, Booking Screen, Baggage Area – Closed until further notice
Club Nights/LeaguesNot operating until further notice
BarWeekends and Wednesday to Friday Evening- see here for more details. Strict hygiene and rules apply following Rule of 6 Guidance from 15/9/20

21st October 2020 Local Restrictions Update
Solo play arrangements on Courts 4 and 5.
Courts 4 and 5 are now set-up for solo play and will operate with only the top key installed. 
We appreciate that one person would have the cost of both court booking and lights, therefore the booking fees for court 4 and 5 has been removed. PLEASE ONLY BOOK COURT 4 AND 5 FOR SOLO PLAY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.  House and support bubble games will need to be played on the other courts where booking fees are still in place.  
From the beginning of October there have been no booking fees Mon-Fri on all courts before 4:30pm and from 8:00pm.  Saturday court booking fees apply between 12:00 and 5:00pm – all other times are free. Sunday has no current charge for court bookings
What type of play is still allowed.?
1. Single player (solo) practice
2. Two people from the same household or support bubble (match play / full squash game)
3. Up to 15 children from different households – coach led activity.
4. Individual coaching sessions.

What type of play is NOT allowed.?
1. Two players from different households cannot play on the same court.  This means that bubble games (unless you are in the same household or support bubble) cannot be played. Also forms of socially distanced squash/racketball e.g. sides cannot be played by two people on the same court.
The committee totally appreciate what these restrictions mean but we have no choice but to enforce them.
Best Regards
Dave and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
16th October Local Restrictions Update
After 6pm this evening, England Squash published new guidance on their website.  It is with much regret that the new rules will have significant implications on the type of play allowed at the club whilst we are in the high COVID alert tier 2.  Our club together with other squash clubs have little option other than to follow England Squash and Government instructions.  We would encourage everyone to have a look at the England Squash website for further information – available here:

What type of play is still allowed.
1.       Single player (solo) practice
2.       Two people from the same household or support bubble (match play/full squash game)
3.       Up to 15 children from different households – coach led activity.
4.       We understand individual coaching sessions from Chris Hall for children will be allowed.  Chris is confirming the situation with adult coaching sessions and he will be in touch with those already booked.
What type of play is NOT allowed.
1.        Two players from different households cannot play on the same court.  This means that bubble games (unless you are in the same household) cannot be played. Also no form of socially distanced squash/racketball can be played by two people on the same court.
What action will we take at the club and what we ask from members.
1.        With immediate effect all court bookings (apart from ‘household’ and ‘solo’) will be cancelled and refunded.  This will apply to all court bookings from Saturday 16th October.
2.       Courts must be booked at all times and the only booking types allowed will be ‘solo’, ‘household’ and ‘coaching’.
3.       When Birmingham moves down to the medium alert tier 1, it is our understanding that we can return to having 2 people on the same court playing in bubbles again.
4.       We were able to get the club up and running at the earliest opportunity in July and our pledge to all members will be to relax the restrictions as soon as we are given the green light to do so.
5.       We have intentionally kept this message short given the speed with which we are required to act.  I am sure that there will be questions that members wish to ask.  We will try our best to be as responsive as possible and communicate new information as it becomes available.
And finally, we are really sorry to impose these restrictions and we consider it is vital to keep the club open in some capacity.
Dave and the Squash Club Committee.
14th October Local Restrictions Update
As you know a 3 tier system for local restrictions is now in place. Birmingham is in Tier 2 – Very High and unfortunately the club bar has closed until further notice.
We are waiting for updated guidance from England Squash on what that means for us as they liase with Government and the Sporting community. They continue to publish updates at
We hope we are able to continue as we are but will review the guidance they are expecting to update this week, at which time we will update members on any changes.
In the meantime, please continue to follow the current procedures.
We are also working on plans to open the changing room and showers in the next couple of weeks but again will keep you posted once we are clearer on the England Squash guidance.
Best Regards
Dave and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
Updates 25th Sept 2020
Heating & Hot Water Update
Following the replacement of our boiler, we now have good temperature on the courts and have running hot water – just in time for the weather changing. We have a safe plan to open the showers and changing rooms but now is not the right time to do that. You will all be aware that the spread of the virus is increasing dramatically and the Govt are not reducing restrictions now, quite the opposite. It is unpleasant not being able to shower after playing but we can play safely and have a towel down and have a quick drink/chat in the bar if we want to. Thank you for continuing to follow the club’s guidance, we now have over 100 members playing in bubbles of up to six – this feel more like squash/racketball.
We will open the showers/changing rooms when the time is right. 
Best Regards
Dave and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
Start Saving £ Coins & 20p Pieces
We have all benefited from free court bookings and light charges since the Club re-opened on 25th July.
It has also had a positive impact on ensuring people book a court at all times and this serves as a register so we can comply with our COVID risk assessment and plan following the guidance from England Squash. It is ESSENTIAL that all courts are booked and that they are accurate i.e. the booking matches the players – amend the booking if one player is replaced with another.
To encourage court bookings during off-peak times, we have reduced some of the charges – these are the charges for the immediate future from 1st Oct:
Monday-Friday bookings will be free before 4:30pm and from 8pm.
Monday-Friday bookings from 4:30pm up to 8pm are £1.70 (same cost as before).  Court 5 will be £1.20.
Saturday bookings from 12pm up to 4:30pm are £1.70 (£1.20 for court 5). Bookings will be free at all other times on Saturday.
Sunday court bookings will be free all day.
Court booking fees and coin meter incomes are an essential part of keeping the club financially viable and therefore we will be re-introducing charges from 1st October. So you will need to save up those £1 & 20p coins but don’t rob the kids piggy banks 🙂
Finally please refrain from booking double court sessions during peak times, it isn’t fair to others. 
Best Regards & thanks for your continued support in following the guidance.
Dave and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
Update 24th Sept 2020
Following the new guidelines for hospitality businesses, we have changed the way the bar will operate from Thursday 24th September.
We will operate table service only.
This is the key change and a significant one for us. Please do not try to order at the bar, nor congregate there. Please sanitise your hands on entry, sign in (mandatory now), and then find a table. The bar team member will know you are in and get to you as soon as possible. Like many businesses we are having to adapt very quickly, so please bear with us as we work out the best way to run a table service and keep our great bar open.
As with all other businesses, please be prepared to wear a mask around the bar and other public areas until you have found your seat.
We all know this is a hot topic for many people, but it is what it is, and it is key to us staying open that we follow these guidelines.
Your support with adapting to these changes is truly appreciated and ensures our club is safe, compliant and stays open.
Any questions do ask anyone of us, and we’ll try to help .
Oliver, Tony, Norma, Peter, Mark and Pete
Best Regards
SCHCC Bar and House Committee
Update 17th Sept 2020
Squash Booking Changes from 1st October

Here are a few important changes over the next few weeks
Renewal New Keys Needed from this Sunday 20th
A reminder that you will need your new key from this weekend Sunday 20th – if you didn’t collect your key at the weekend, you will either be given your key if you are down the club the next few days or they will be posted
Also from this date only members that have renewed, will be able to make a booking and appear as an opponent in the system. 
Use Court 5 for Solo Practice
A reminder Court 5 is the only court for Solo practice as only key is required.
Court Booking Fees from 1st October
We have all benefited from free court bookings and light charges since the Club re-opened on 25th July.  
It has also had a positive impact on ensuring people book a court at all times and this serves as a register so we can comply with our COVID risk assessment and plan following the guidance from England Squash.
Court booking fees and coin meter incomes are an essential part of keeping the club financially viable and therefore we will be re-introducing charges from 1st October.  
Good News – Reduced Booking Off Peak Fees for October & November
For the next 2 months there is some positive news.  Up to the end of November 2020, we will have free court bookings during certain periods.
The Court booking fees for booking dates from 1st October will be:
Monday-Friday bookings will be free before 4:30pm and from 8pm.
Monday-Friday bookings from 4:30pm up to 8pm are £1.70 (same cost as before).  Court 5 will be £1.20.
Saturday bookings from 12pm up to 4:30pm are £1.70 (£1.20 for court 5). Bookings will be free at all other times on Saturday.
Sunday court bookings will be free all day.
We need to ensure bookings are limited to 40 minutes at all times and that all play is booked with the correct opponent and method of game to be played in Sports Booker.
Coin Meter lights fees to resume from 1st October
From the 1st October, you will also need coins to operate the lights. 
A reminder for 40 minutes, you will need £1 for 25 minutes and 3 x 20p for 3 x 15 minutes.
Dave and Squash Committee.
Update 17th Sept 2020
The award winning street food vendor The English Indian will be at the club this Saturday 19th 4:30 – 8:15. The menu is a fusion of Indian Spice & Traditional Fish & Chips. It is click and collect only and use the discount code to obtain 10% reduction on their published prices. Here’s how you order:
Go to
On the right hand side there’s a calendar, click Sat 19th and you will see the Sutton venue appear on the left, you can view menu and place you order, select a time to pick it up. Then make the payment and apply the discount code, which is CLUBMEMBER
They plan to be at the club each Saturday every fourth week, so 19th Sept, then 17th October and 14th November. If there is sufficient demand, they will continue and or come more often.
Update 2nd Sept 2020
Some things are changing for the better at the club and we need everyone’s support/cooperation for these things to work and continue.
1. Our heating boiler will be replaced and installed w/c 7th September & should be finished that week.
2. We are working on a method for opening the showers/changing areas safely. This will be finalised soon & we will keep you informed.
3. We will be extending the club opening times to be 9am – 10pm EVERY day. We are hoping to change the booking system to allow this from around 12th Sept.
4. Return to competitive play using play bubbles. Please be patient, England Squash (after discussion with UK Govt) says that the club controls the bubbles. Guidance is available on this link (half way down page)
Play bubbles – how will they work, what do you need to do?
1. For each bubble we need a Bubble Leader, this leader will maintain their bubble and communicate (changes, queries etc)  with the club via the Bubbles WhatsApp group.
2. The leader selects up to 5 pals to be in that bubble for the foreseeable future.
3. Then the leader familiarises themselves with the bubble play hygiene and social distancing rules and ensures all members of their bubble follow these rules. Registers your bubble here:
4. Join the Bubbles WhatsApp group and communicate any queries/changes etc . Dave Mulllis, Chris Hall, Mat Stevens & Tony McAllister are admins of the group. So proposed bubble leaders should request to be added.
5. You can then play competitive squash/racketball within your bubble, following the guidance.
Anyone who doesn’t want to be in a bubble can, of course, cotinue to play a socially distant game e.g. Sides.
The bubbles apply to squash and racketball, but remember that each player can belong to only one bubble.
We will release FAQs when we have some frequently asked questions to share.
On a related note, thank you all for observing the COVID rules but can I remind you to leave court after 40mins to allow air to circulate before the next players arrive.
Best Regards
Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
Update Thursday 20th August 2020 – Reminder about safety
Thanks to all those that are observing our safety guidance regarding COVID-19.
However there are a few who need reminding of the following:
1. Don’t arrive in your squash shoes, we don’t want dirt and grit on court.
2. Always book a court and play on that court against the opponent chosen or SOLO. Edit the booking if something changes.
3. Play safely i.e. a socially distant game or routine, unless you are lucky enough to be able to play a household member.
4. Use disinfectant spray on the court door handles before and after play
We all want to play normally and have a shower afterwards and we absolutely will permit this as soon as Govt guidance allows – I can’t wait.
Best Regards and play safe to stay safe – protect your club.
Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee
Update Saturday 16th August 2020 – Subs due soon
We are pleased that many members have shown an interest in playing during August. Sutton Coldfield Squash Rackets Club opened at the earliest opportunity and we have really tried to focus on putting the necessary safety measures in place.
The club never seeks to make any profit, other than what we put aside for maintenance and renewals. All UK sports clubs are under severe financial pressure because of lost revenue during closure combined with a certain reduction in membership numbers because of health and financial concerns. We are no different, we know that some of you will have been on furlough, laid off or otherwise concerned about the future. We also recognise that some of you will have health concerns for yourself and/or family members. Things will change; the best scientific brains in the world are working on a vaccine.
The committee has decided the following regarding membership fees for the next membership year.
1. This year’s renewal date will be Saturday 12th Sept, Chris McMillan (& others) will be on site from 12 noon-3pm to help with this. However now more than ever, we encourage you to pay via BACS – less social contact is better just now. The locks will be changed on the same day and new keys provided.
2. Free court bookings and light fees will continue until end of September 2020. All annual fees are the same as this year.
3. For those re-joining who feel that they deserve some compensation for the period of enforced closure (in addition to 10 weeks free play provided), can deduct 10% from their annual membership fee.  This offer will be available until the end of September.
4. We cannot offer monthly membership, we have no staff to administer this and it is an ANNUAL fee and not refundable. However if anyone wants to join and cannot afford the lump sum please contact Tony, in confidence, to discuss possible options.
• Full Playing Members                                         £305
• Veteran Members (Over 65 on 1/9/20)             £205
• Off Peak Members (Last booking 4:30pm)     £205
• Leisure Members                                                £100
• Junior Members (for those under 19)                  £65
• Young Adult Member 19-24 (on 1/9/20)              £205
• Student membership 19-24 (on 1/9/20)
& in full time Education (proof required)            £130
• Social Member (No courts, sauna or gym use)  £55
Family discounts:
Member playing with another close family member (generally parents & kids), £15 discount applies. or: Two full members, up to 2 children’s membership is free.
Payment Methods
1. Pay by bank transfer before 1st September to the account details below and receive key in post (allow 10 days). If you can, this is the easiest/safest payment method for all.
Barclays Bank – account name Sutton Coldfield Squash Rackets Club Ltd
Sort code: 20-07-89 – Account Number 80865788. The previous sort code will still work for now.
Use your name & postcode as the reference (so we know who is paying).
2. Come along to the club on Saturday 12th September 12pm to 3pm with a Cheque or Cash and collect your key.
3. Post cheque to Chris McMillan and receive key in post (allow 10 days).
When paying by cheque make it out to SCSRC Ltd & write your name, postcode and swipe card number on the reverse side.
Post these to  Mr C McMillan,  277 Reddicap Heath Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B75 7ES.
Please do not leave payments behind the bar.
Training keys and lost keys and swipe cards incur a £20 charge per item.
There will be no charge for broken or faulty key/card, however the faulty key/card will need to be returned and identified as broken. Training keys will only be issued at the discretion of the committee upon written application.
Contact details
Tony McAllister – & 07531 059126
Chris McMillan – & 07779 155045
Update Friday 7th August 2020
We’ve now been open for a couple of weeks and just wanted to keep you up to date with progress.
Thank you to everyone to obeying the hygiene and social distancing rules that we have had to put in place. To keep the club open, we all have to keep doing this.
Massive thank you to all of the volunteers who have given their free time to meet everyone on their 1st visit back to the club – I really appreciate it and you should too. 
We now know that we have met the majority of playing members and confident that we have a secure plan that works. We will have to keep monitoring this, but it is time to stop the meeting and greeting process. 
From close of play on Saturday (8th August), we will remove the padlock and revert back to the mag-lock to gain entry to the club – YOU WILL NEED YOUR KEY.
Pre-COVID, we relied on the cleaners opening and bar staff closing up – this is currently not available. So if you are the 1st player to arrive, please safely (sanitise hands before and after) turn on the court lights and other lights. If you know you are the last player to leave, safely turn off lights and lock door on exit.
Also we have altered the booking system to allow play on Sundays to be similar to Saturdays – the opening times are below. It is still essential that you book your time on court with the correct opponent, if we are asked to provide track and trace information, it has to be BANG ON.
We’d all prefer to take a shower after play and also have proper competitive games. This is impossible at the moment but we will open up the facilities when we have the appropriate advice from UK Govt and England Squash.
Looking around the country there are multiple virus spikes, we don’t want one here – we all know the rules, so stick to them for your own sake and don’t spoil it for other members.
Opening Times
Saturdays 10am-7pm, Sundays 10am-7pm, Weekdays Noon to 9p
Further to this message, I meant to say this.
If anyone hasn’t played and now wants to, please contact me and I’ll arrange for someone to meet you to run through the hygiene and social distancing rules.
07531 059126

Latest Communications

Tuesday 27th July 2020
Access To Site Change From this Saturday 31st August
The outside one-way system will be removed from this Saturday, so entrance to the site will be back to normal – use you swipe card to enter through green side-gate. This makes the site more secure and the one-way is no longer required. The padlocks on this gate will also be removed at this time. The padlock will remain on the entrance adjacent to the tennis office for the time-being. The padlock will also remain on the squash entrance until we and met the majority of players and explained (face to face) our hygiene and social distance regulations. For the two weeks, following opening, there will be someone greeting all members that have booked a court – this person will remove and refit our padlock. 
Thanks for your cooperation, this way we don’t have a problem, keep the club open and hope we can reduce restrictions when UK Govt allow this. 
Have fun and stay safe.

Monday 26th July 2020

Fantastic First Day Back
Thanks to all those members that came back to the club yesterday and enthusiastically observed the hygiene and social distancing guidance. This is exactly what we need to do to ensure we can keep it open.
The bar was busy and again was safe because of the work done by all those that were there, staff and members alike. The bar taking were over £1k, mostly from one table as far as I could tell ha ha.
We learned a few things, of course we did – we’ve never had to do this before. So expect a few tweaks over the next period to make it better and safer.
Update on guidance: We ask you to arrive ready to play but a few people correctly pointed out that we don’t want dirty shoes to go on court. So please arrive in different footwear and change into court shoes before play.
We hope that there will be further changes to the activities that we can do on court in the near future. But in the meantime, please check out the England Squash videos which can be downloaded from this page
There are 2 videos – How To Play Sides and Socially Distanced Practices Routines. They apply to racketball as well as squash and you might find that you can do more than you initially think. Check these out!
Now I’m going to get personal, none of this would have happened without the selfless work done by these individuals – massive thanks and congratulations to all those that helped:
Mat Stevens
Chris Hall
Dave Mullis
Mike Alcock
Mark Eagles
Dave “Luke” Lucas
Pete Oddy
Pete Hull
Zach Marshall
Alf Beckett
Ian Brown
Chris McMillan
“Lord” Ollie Fincher
If I’ve missed anyone out, it’s just an age thing.
Tony x
Friday 24th July 2020
So we’re back tomorrow, can’t wait and just heard that we have hot water for hand washing.

Mike “Tarantino” Alcock has made a video tour of the new club facilities (above) and the hygiene and social distancing measures that we ALL have to use.
The first time you arrive at the club, one of us will welcome you and give you a little tour to see the changes and make sure that you understand your responsibilities. You will see big changes that have proved essential, also as said before we have been able to upgrade the club significantly during lockdown.
The bar will be open as follows:
Saturday – 1pm to 6pm
Wednesday 5pm – 9pm
Thursday 5pm – 9pm
Friday 5pm – 9pm
After playing either go home and get showered or towel down and maybe change your shirt (come prepared). We will open the showers/changing rooms as soon as allowed.
The bar opening days/hours are on a trial basis, we may need to adjust them up or down according to demand, so use it and have fun safely.

Here are some links to some extra ways to play squash and racketball.
The sides video is available as before, but lower down there’s a demonstration of some of England Squash’s socially distanced practice routines which we can have a go at.

It has been a really difficult period for everyone and we are starting to see changes back to “normal”. Please work with us to make sure we don’t have to take steps in the opposite direction.

Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee

Let’s All Enjoy The Club Experience Safely from Sat 25th July 2020
Thursday 23rd July 2020
We can see from the court booking system that lots of our members are keen to get back on court, I am. But obviously some are nervous for a variety of reasons, including having a vulnerable family member. We hope that everyone will return to the sports that we love, when they are ready.
The committee have worked tirelessly to open the club back up in a COVID-19 safe way, following guidance from England Squash and the UK Govt. No life activity is 100% safe and the club isn’t but when you return, I’m sure that you will be impressed by what we have achieved.
All of the Club’s policies, inc for COVID-19 are available on HERE, please take the time to read it. I realise that some of may not do that, so read below – we will be releasing a walk-through video later today or tomorrow morning which you will find valuable – so watch this space. We are using WhatsApp groups to help get the message out there, so watch out for them if you belong to a club based group. Similarly Facebook is used. In the next communication, we hope to have some England Squash videos showing more COVID safe ways to play – again keep in touch so you can give these a try.
Main points to remember when coming back to play:
1. Always book your court against opponent or choose SOLO. It is vital that we know who has been on site, cancel and rebook if any changes are made.
2. Don’t attend if you have COVID-19 symptoms or anyone in household has.
3. For the first 2 weeks, you will be met by a committee member or deputy to welcome you back to the club and run you through the safety procedure.
4. Bring your key to gain entry but we will try to have key in all court locks.
5. Come dressed to play, kit at front of court – leave court after 40 minsSanitise your hands on arrival and departure.
6. Members only, apart from coached sessions & guardians of youngsters – no spectators
7. Matches only allowed between households/support bubbles, organised coaching or adapted games recognised by England Squash Called Ways To Play.
8. Don’t wipe sweaty hands on court walls.
9. The courts and toilets are open, but we have no hot water – we are working to resolve ASAP.
10. All other areas are closed; gym, showers/changing room, bag store etc

Have fun in a safe way, support your club if you can and take care.

Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee

Here is the latest status of the clubs operation in relation to Covid-19). This page will be updated as any changes or updates are issued.

We will always follow the update and guidance from England Squash who govern Squash – The latest statements from England Squash are available HERE

Wednesday 22nd July – Club Reopening plans from Saturday 25th

Ahead of the club opening upon Saturday 25th July, the court booking system is now open.

You will notice some differences that we had to introduce. Court playing time remains 40 mins but each court slot is now 1hr, come off court after 40 mins to allow air to circulate before next player(s).

Courts MUST be booked, so we know who has attended in case we are approached by track and trace. Booking and light fees are waived for a couple of weeks.

Main points to remember when coming back to club:

  • Always book your court against opponent or choose SOLO.
  • Don’t attend if you have COVID-19 symptoms or anyone in household has.
  • Come dressed to play, kit at front of court – leave court after 40 mins
  • Sanitise your hands on arrival and departure
  • Members only apart from coached sessions & guardians of youngsters – no spectators
  • Matches only allowed between households/support bubbles, organised coaching or adapted games recognised by England Squash – Ways To Play
  • Don’t wipe sweaty hands on court walls
  • The courts and toilets are open, we have no hot water – we are working to resolve ASAP.
  • All other areas are close; gym, showers/changing room, bag store etc

Chris Hall is providing coaching, it is a great time to improve your game. Tues, Wed & Thurs 12:00-8:30, Sat 10:00 – 4:00 – 07961 106291

Further messages will sent later in the week, but come back to the club confident that it is safe. Follow our guidelines to keep it safe and as time goes by we hope to reduces restrictions.

If anything is not clear please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Saturday 18th July

Fantastic News – We will be opening the squash club on Saturday 25th July 2020 (the first day we are legally able to).

Your committee are working very hard to make the club as COVID-19 safe as is possible. Of course there will be significant restrictions at first – hopefully this will ease in the coming weeks.

The poster at the foot of the page tries to explain what we will be able to do and with whom. There seems to be some confusion over the expression “support bubble”, currently this does NOT mean that you can bubble up with a few of your mates.

It refers to a single person being able to go to someone’s house e.g. a grandmother can go to their son’s house and spend time with their kids and grandkids.

There will be no club nights initially and only members will be able to play. Coaching will be available on a one to one basis or in same households/support bubbles (max 2 people). There will no group coaching initially but there may be the potential to introduce small groups over the coming weeks/months.

By now we are all familiar with the requirements of good hygiene and social distancing.

If we all practice these things thoroughly, we will be able to keep the club open.

Detailed COVID-19 safe procedures will be sent out next week. These will also be displayed prominently throughout the building – but here are a few pointers that will certainly apply:

  • Always book a court, we need to know who has been on the courts for track and trace to work. Booking fees and light fees will be suspended for at least the first 2 weeks – we are aiming to open booking at 8am on Wednesday 22nd July.
  • Come dressed to play, the changing rooms and showers will not be available in the first phase. Be sensible about using the bar after playing.
  • There will be six automatic hand sanitisers, use them on arrival and departure.
  • Don’t touch anything that you don’t need to, particularly the court walls.
  • Don’t attend if you or a family member has symptoms of COVID-19.

Best Regards

Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee

Wednesday 15th July

We have received guidance from our governing body, England Squash and the committee are going to review this over the next few days. We need to understand what COVID-19 safe measures that we have to take in our specific setting. All squash clubs are different in many ways.

Further information will follow when we have absorbed this info and applied it to our club.

England Squash’s guidance is freely available on their website here: Then follow the links to the guidance.

We will be in touch again soon

Friday 10th July

As you may have seen in the news yesterday, there have been more easing of the lockdown restrictions.

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Secretary Oliver Dowden yesterday said this:

“And from Saturday 25th, people will no longer have to work out in the park or on their living room floor. They’ll be able to get back into their gyms, their indoor swimming pools, their leisure centres, and jump on the spin bike or treadmill for the first time in months.”

This is great news but what exactly does this mean for squash clubs?

Unfortunately at this moment the answer is, we don’t really know. England Squash will be sending us guidance next week and the committee will do everything that we can to open the club up SAFELY. But we must follow the advice of our governing body and the government. Please see England Squash’s message below.

We are also looking at way to open the bar (safely) with a restricted service, again we hope to have more news next week.

The current phase of club refurbishment is almost complete. I’ll send some more pictures next week.

So the purpose of this email is to keep you all up to date, as best we can, in a difficult situation which is changing rapidly.

We have all been through it this year, everyone all over the world. So when we can open the club and the bar, there will be restrictions and it is ABSOLUTELY necessary that we ALL follow them. What we don’t want is to have to close one or both close again after opening. We have seen this happen all over the world, checkout the news from the US. This virus hasn’t gone away and we have to learn to live with it for the foreseeable future.

So fantastic news but just be patient and we will have more to share next week.

Best Regards

Tony and the Sutton Squash Club Committee