Topping Up

MyCourts - Topping up Account

Below is a video guide showing the topping up process for MyCourts. 

Whereas SportsBooker was linked to Paypal the new system will allow you to use your bank card details as we are using a different system linked to a Stripe account.

Please watch the below video for any queries around topping up your account

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Any of your previous credits on your SportsBooker account will transfer across on the 29th & 30th January.

Once you have made a booking you have also have the useful option of transferring credit to another member. As noted below this process can be automatic if you specify an opponent to play. The opponent will receive a notification for them to share the booking costs for the court/lights.

You may have noticed the system does not allow you to pay via Paypal as Sportsbooker previously allowed.

We are now using Stripe as opposed to Paypal.

Stripe is a very secure payment processing platform, even more secure than Paypal. If you want to find out more info around Stripe’s security around payment details then head here:

Below is some further information around Stripe.