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MyCourts - New Court Booking System

MyCourts is a well renowned company in this space with 124 installations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have taken feedback from many clubs in the local area and beyond before ultimately deciding on MyCourts. 


Therefore, We will take the opportunity on the 3rd and 4th Jan 23 to add some electrical boxes to accommodate the new MyCourts booking system and remove the old keys and coins system currently in place.

What are the advantages of the new system?

  • The new system will not require keys.

  • We will not need to change the locks & keys annually.

  • Neither will it require you to have £1 or 20p coins to turn the lights on.

  • Because there will be no light meters, we will not have to empty the coin boxes & bank the cash.

  • There will be no cash on site, so inherently more secure.

  • Both players no longer to arrive with their key.

  • We can’t leave our club key onsite by accident.

  • Leagues – these will be a part of the MyCourts system with customisable box leagues available as part of the system. There will also be a squash levels integration available as part of the league functionality. 

  • Court Bookings – easy to do with reminder emails for the named players on the morning of the booking. You are also able to seamlessly share the booking cost of the game with your opponent. No more having to work out who pays for what

1. Below is the first of our video guides when logging in and setting up your account.

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