MyCourts - New Court Booking System

The committee was tasked in March of this year with updating our current Sports Booker court booking system and key operated lighting system. After an extensive period of reviewing several systems, the committee has decided to install the MyCourts automated light control booking solution. It was felt that this system provided the best solution moving forward for Sutton Coldfield Squash Club and its members. 

MyCourts is a well renowned company in this space with 124 installations in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have taken feedback from many clubs in the local area and beyond before ultimately deciding on MyCourts.

Therefore, We will take the opportunity on the 3rd and 4th Jan 23 to add some electrical boxes to accommodate the new MyCourts booking system and remove the old keys and coins system currently in place.

What are the advantages of the new system?

  • The new system will not require keys.

  • We will not need to change the locks & keys annually.

  • Neither will it require you to have £1 or 20p coins to turn the lights on.

  • Because there will be no light meters, we will not have to empty the coin boxes & bank the cash.

  • There will be no cash on site, so inherently more secure.

  • Both players no longer to arrive with their key.

  • We can’t leave our club key onsite by accident.

  • Leagues – these will be a part of the MyCourts system with customisable box leagues available as part of the system. There will also be a squash levels integration available as part of the league functionality. 

  • Court Bookings – easy to do with reminder emails for the named players on the morning of the booking. You are also able to seamlessly share the booking cost of the game with your opponent. No more having to work out who pays for what.

When will this change happen?

We are targeting the new system to be operational on Sunday 29 January 2023, therefore the first available booking will be from Sunday 15 January 2023.

There will be a transition period in the interim and between the 5th and the 29th the committee is proposing to have the lights on during the booked periods and one court light on all day.

What are the costs going to be? 

Formerly you would’ve paid £1.70 to book a court and £2.00 for the lights. In the future you will pay £3.70 to book the court and lights. £1.85 will be transferred from your opponent’s account to your account to equally share the cost should you wish to take up this option. 

Booking fees up to £3.20 off peak, £3.70 peak, £8.20 off peak guest or £8.70 peak guest for bookings. These charges will be implemented on Sports Booker for bookings from the 5th. 

The committee accepts that there are likely to be some teething troubles with the new system. However, we will work hard to ensure that the transition is a smooth one and that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum throughout the transition period.

After reading the above, you are bound to have a number of questions. In anticipation of this, here are a few already answered.

If there are no keys, how will the club be secure & how do we limit access to members only?

There will be a keypad lock on the squash entrance – you will be given the unlock code; we will change this from time to time.

You should all have swipe cards, please check that yours works NOW.

The swipe card will open the lobby door, as it does now. The override lock will be disbled.

If there are no coin meters, how are the booking costs apportioned?

The member making the booking will pay the full fee, currently £3.70 at peak times. The opponent will be asked (via email) to accept the booking and when this is done 50% of the booking fee is transferred between this accounts. If not accepted, then the 2 members need to make their own arrangement – this already happens.