FAQ Page.

My Account, Payment  and Credit

Q) What is the first thing I need to do?

Log in to Mycourts with your username (you will receive an e-mail) and top up your account to make a booking                                                                                  

Q) What happens with my Sports Booker Credit Balance

It will be transferred on 29th January – you should top up your account if you wish to make a booking from the 29th

Q) Can I use Paypal to top up my account?

No, Paypal is not supported, you will need to use a credit or debit card. You can set up One Click payments.                                                        

Q) What happens if I forget my username?

Visit https://suttonsquashclub.mycourts.co.uk/forgotten_password.asp and enter your e-mail address                                                                                                                       

Q) What happens if I forget my password?

Visit https://suttonsquashclub.mycourts.co.uk/forgotten_password.asp and enter your e-mail address  

Q) What will happen at membership renewal?

There will be no keys to swap over. You will be able to book and be an opponent providing you renew by the renewal deadline – further details to follow ahead of the renewal year starting 1st April  

Q) is Stripe safe to use?

Yes Stripe is a recognised PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 payment provider                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



Q) How do I log in to the website?

Visit https://suttonsquashclub.mycourts.co.uk/ and enter your username or password                                  

Q) What happens if I want to book but don’t have a player confirmed?

You don’t need to specify an opponent                                                          

Q) What happens if I change the opponent I wish to play

You will be able to change the opponent you are booked against 

Q) How do I cancel a court and will I get a refund

You will be able to log in to cancel a booking. Refund policy is half within 24 hours of booking otherwise full

Q) How do I book a court for my son/daughter

Parent will have access to son/daughter’s log in. 

Q) How far will I be able to book in advance?

Same as currently, 14 days in advance from 8am                            

Club Touch Screen                                                                                                                 

Q) How do I book a court on the touch screen

Providing you have account, select Booking Sheets then the free court you wish to book,  log in with your PIN number and first letter of your surname to confirm, you can select an opponent if you like. You will get a booking e-mail too and you an cancel on the touch screen too            

Q) How do I turn the lights on an unbooked court?

Press Lights then select the court and duration in 10 minute increments you wish to activate. You will need credit to enable this and will be warned if you are encroaching on a booking                                                                                                   


Q) How will I access the club?

You’ll still use your swipe card at the tennis club entrance or gate and will be able to use this to enter the squash club area from the squash lobby.

You will be able to continue using your key to access the squash club from the lobby for the time being. The outside door to the squash club lobby is normally left on the latch but if not the key entry mechanism there will be removed and replaced with a keypad. The number will have been communicated – you will still need your swipe card to enter the squash club from the lobby.                                                                        

Q) What happens if I arrive early?

Court lights will turn on automatically 5 minutes before your booked time or will be on from any active game.                                                 

Q) What happens if I arrive late?

The booking will start at the booked time and will end as scheduled plus a 5 minute overun time if there is no following booking. Your booking will be fixed for the booked slot so please arrive on time.                                                                                

Q) What happens at the end of the 40 minute booking?

Lights will stay on for 5 minutes or will remain on if there is a following booking. Please use the court clocks to swap over to the next booked member as you would normally                                                         

Q) What happens if I want to play longer than booked?

There will be a touch screen by court 1 where you can log in turn lights on in 10 minutes increments from your account balance for £1 Peak or Off Peak     

Q) Do I have to book?

Booking is the best way to ensure you are able to play? You can use the on-demand feature to turn the lights on in 10 minute increment but this is not recommended as a booking ensures the court is available for you to use          

Q) How do I play Guests?

You will need to book and pay the additional £5 guest fee. You will be able to book any court and not just court 5 requiring one key as previous. The policy on guests remains that we wouldn’t expect you to play a specific guest more than x times per annum                                              

Q) I used to be able to share the costs with my opponent, how does that work going forward?

Your selected opponents will receive an e-mail on the day of play enabling you to transfer half or pro-rata the booking cost to them – you can select up to 3 opponents i.e for doubles                                                 

Q) What happens if there is a problem when I arrive?

Please contact Jamie Kyte with your issue – 07545939731

Q) What do I do if I want to practice a solo game?

You can book any court without an opponent and will incur the full court cost                                                     

Club Nights                                                                              

Q) How do I book on to a public club night?

Use the courses application on your booking page to select the club night you wish to book onto.                                                                                                 


Q) What will happen with club nights/team games where the lights would normally be set to Free

The lights will be scheduled to be on automatically for those pre-planned events

Q) I have previously paid for a training key – how will that work?

You’ll be able to book a court without an opponent and will incur the full court cost.

Q) If I book the court lights, are they guaranteed to come on?

They should do – please report any issues to the committee   

Q) Is there an “app”?

No just the website at https://suttonsquashclub.mycourts.co.uk/