Chris and Natalies – Double Racket Rally

April 16, 2020 Mat Stevens

Grab a friend or family member and a couple of rackets and see how many Tennis 😉 ? type double racket rallies

PAIRS LOCKDOWN CHALLENGEWe have decided to set our members (and other players) some challenges this week.The first one is a pairs challenge where each player will require 2 rackets. You must then try and keep the ball in the air using your right hand for the first shot, left hand for the second and so on. If you use the same hand for two shots in a row then it's back to the start.Post your video of the highest score you and your partner achieve in the comments. Chris Hall and Natalie Townsend have kicked things off with a target score of 34 SHOTS.

Posted by Sutton Coldfield Squash Club on Tuesday, 14 April 2020