Aston and Fincher Sutton Coldfield International 2017

We are delighted to  host the 3rd Sutton Coldfield International, Aston and Fincher $5000 competition and are looking forward to seeing World Class squash at the Club.  Entering the competition from Sutton in the Pre Qualifying round were Marcus Hayes, Gareth Jenkins, Harry Lucas, Andy Murray, Kieran Mullis, Zach Marshall , Matt Heap and Nigel Stephens.


Marcus Hayes, Andy Murray, Nigel Stephens and Kieran Mullis go through to the Qualifying rounds starting Monday 20th November and will join qualifiers Rory Stewart, Matthew Broadberry, David Haley, Kevin Moran, Danish Atlas Khan, Charlie Lee, Owain Taylor, Josh Owen, Jack Turney, Ben Ford and Ali Jafari with qualifiers going through to the Main draw which commences on Wednesday 22nd November and can be seen on the next page.


Jan Van De Herrewigen will be defending his reigning championship position after winning the competition in 2015 and 2016 but with tough competition from Mike Harris and our own Club number 1 Jaymie Haycocks.


Qualifying—Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st from 5:30pm

Main Draw—22nd–23rd from 5:30pm  and 24th November from 6pm

Final—Saturday 25th November at 5pm


Main Court Video Footage

Click below for the video footage recorded on the main court for each day.

Day 1 – Pre-Qualification 

Day 2- Qualifying Finals 

Day 3- 1st Round 

Day 4- Quarter Finals 

Day 5- Semi Finals 

Day 6- Exhibition Match and Final